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A&W Restaurant

  1. A&W-style Chili Dog
  2. A&W-style Coney Island Sauce
  3. A&W-style Onion Rings
  4. A&W-style Papa Burger
  5. A&W-style Root Beer Baked Beans

Abuelo's Restaurant

  1. Abuelo's-style Cilantro Lime Soup
  2. Abuelo's-style Spinach Casserole

Acadiana Cafe

  1. Acadiana Cafe-style Cajun Cabbage

Acapulco Restaurant

  1. Acapulco-style Crab and Avocado Enchiladas with Cilantro Cream
  2. Acapulco-style Mexican Rice
  3. Acapulco-style Princess Black Forest Cake

Ace's Restaurant

  1. Ace's-style Black Jack Barbecue Sauce

Hotel Adolphus Restaurant

  1. Hotel Adolphus-style Crispy Raspberry and Banana Fritters

Aiken Pool Hall Restaurant

  1. Aiken Pool Hall-style Hot Dog Chili

Ajiaco del Restaurant

  1. Ajiaco del Restaurant-style Garcia

Al Dente's Restaurant

  1. Al Dente's-style Shellfish Paella in a Clay Casserole

Alfonso's Loft Restaurant

  1. Alfonso's Loft-style Sweet Potato Cheesecake

Alpine Village House Restaurant

  1. Alpine Village House-style Soup Chicken Supreme

Ambrosia Patisserie

  1. Ambrosia Patisserie-style Chocolate Rum Truffle Cake

Amelia's Italian Restaurant

  1. Amelia's Italian Restaurant-style Pasta Fagioli

American Club Restaurant

  1. American Club-style Three Nut Torte

Ameristar Casino Hotel Restaurant

  1. Ameristar Casino Hotel-style Deep Fried BBQ Ribs

Ammos' Restaurant

  1. Ammos'-style Crackers

Amy's Cafe

  1. Amy's Cafe-style Vegetarian Chili

Anasazi Restaurant

  1. Anasazi-style Cream of Green Chile Soup

Andersons Restaurant

  1. Anderson's-style Split Pea Soup

Andiamo Bar Restaurant

  1. Andiamo Bar-style Pasta e Fagiolo
  2. Andiamo Bar-style Warm Chocolate Raspberry Mini Cakes

The Anchorage Restaurant

  1. The Anchorage-style Shrimp Creole

Angelina's Restaurant

  1. Angelina's-style Zydeco Creole Jambalaya

Angry Trout Cafe

  1. Angry Trout Cafe-style Grilled Lake Superior Trout

Anotherthyme Restaurant

  1. Anotherthyme-style Pasta Primavera

Ant Street Inn Restaurant

  1. Ant Street Inn-style Chicken and Chiles con Cornbread Crust

Antonio's Restaurant

  1. Antonio's-style la Fiamma Tiramisu
  2. Antonio's-style Lamb Wellington for One
  3. Antonio's-style Shrimp Creole

Apple Barn & Cider Mill Restaurant

  1. pple Barn and Cider Mill-style Applewood Fried Biscuits

Apple Jack Orchard Restaurant

  1. Apple Jack Orchard-style Cornish Game Hens with Raspberry Sauce

Applebee's Restaurant

  1. Applebee's-style Apple Chimi Cheesecake
  2. Applebee's-style Aztec Chicken Salad
  3. Applebee's-style Baby Back Ribs
  4. Applebee's-style Barbecue Sauce
  5. Applebee's-style Blonde Brownies
  6. Applebee's-style Bourbon Street Steak
  7. Applebee's-style Broiled Salmon with Garlic Butter
  8. Applebee's-style Chardonnay Mushrooms
  9. Applebee's-style Cheese Chicken Tortilla Soup

Applebee's Restaurant - Continued

  1. Applebee's-style Chicken Fajitas
  2. Applebee's-style Chicken Wings
  3. Applebee's-style Chimi Cheesecake
  4. Applebee's-style Classic Patty Melt
  5. Applebee's-style Crispy Orange Skillet
  6. Applebee's-style Fresh Pico de Gallo
  7. Applebee's-style Hot Artichoke and Spinach Dip
  8. Applebee's-style Kahlua Mudslide
  9. Applebee's-style Perfect Margarita
  10. Applebee's-style Pico de Gallo
  11. Applebee's-style Santa fe Stuffed Chicken
  12. Applebee's-style Southwest Steak
  13. Applebee's-style Vegetable Medley
  14. Applebee's-style Veggie Patch
  15. Applebee's-style Walnut Blondie with Maple Butter Sauce

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

  1. Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant-style Applewood Julep

Arby's Restaurant

  1. Arby's-style Apple Turnovers
  2. Arby's-style Horsey Sauce
  3. Arby's-style Roast Beef Sandwich
  4. Arby's-style Roast Chicken Salad Sandwich
  5. Arby's-style Three Pepper Sauce

Arizona Biltmore Restaurant

  1. Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa-style Chile and Lime Margarita
  2. Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa-style Chocolate Linzer Tart
  3. Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa-style Oaxaca Cheese Grits
  4. Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa-style Virgin Prickly Pear Margarita

The Arizona Kitchen Restaurant

  1. The Arizona Kitchen-style Shrimp and Tomato Quesadillas

Arlington Inn Restaurant

  1. Arlington Inn Vermont-style Maple Syrup Cheesecake

Armadillo Border Grill

  1. Armadillo Border Grill-style Chipotle Chicken Penne Pasta

Arnaud's Restaurant

  1. Arnaud's-style Caramel Custard
  2. Arnaud's-style Creme Bruleé
  3. Arnaud's-style Escargots en Casserole
  4. Arnaud's-style Filet Mignon au Poivre
  5. Arnaud's-style Oysters Bienville
  6. Arnaud's-style Trout Amandine

Arthur Treacher's Fish 'n Chips Restaurant

  1. Arthur Treachers-style Cole Slaw
  2. Arthur Treachers-style Fish-n-Chips
  3. Arthur Treachers-style Hush Puppies
  4. Arthur Treachers-style Tarter Sauce

Aspen Canyon Ranch Restaurant

  1. Aspen Canyon Ranch-style Sour Cream Peach

Athenian Garden Cafe

  1. Athenian Garden Cafe-style Pasta el Greco

Atlantis Restaurant

  1. Atlantis-style Red Onion Soup

Aubergine Restaurant

  1. Aubergine-style Warm Center Chocolate Pyramid Cakes

August Moon Restaurant

  1. August Moon Chinese Bistro-style Hot and Sour Soup

Augusta Grill

  1. Augusta Grill-style Black Pepper and Cheddar Cheese Biscuits
  2. Augusta Grill-style Corn Crackers or Corn Dodgers
  3. Augusta Grill-style Corn Pudding
  4. Augusta Grill-style Pork Chop Apple Cider Glaze
  5. Augusta Grill-style Sweet Potato Hash

Aunt Chilada's Restaurant

  1. Aunt Chilada's-style Green Corn Tamales
  2. Aunt Chilada's-style Margarita Shrimp
  3. Aunt Chilada's-style Mexican Fry Bread
  4. Aunt Chilada's-style Red Chile Tamales
  5. Aunt Chilada's-style Sonoran Enchiladas
  6. Aunt Chilada's-style Yucatan Pork Tamales

Aunt Fanny's Cabin Restaurant

  1. Aunt Fanny's Cabin-style Squash

Aunt Pittypat's Pantry Restaurant

  1. Aunt Pittypat's Pantry-style Raspberry Cranberry Gelatin Salad

Aureole Restaurant

  1. Aureole Pan-style Roasted Halibut with Cioppino Broth Shellfish Seasonal Vegetables

Aurora Restaurant

  1. Aurora Restaurant-style Strawberry Champagne Sorbetto

Avanti Restaurant

  1. Avanti-style Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
  2. Avanti-style Eggplant Lasagna

Avenue Bistro

  1. Avenue Bistro-style Austrian Apple Pancake

Azalea's Restaurant

  1. Azalea's-style Sea Bass with Corn Ragout

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