Cloned Restaurant Recipes

1. Almost KFC-Style Chicken
2. Arby's-Style Horsey Sauce
3. Arthur Treacher's-Style Fish Batter
4. Benihana-Style Ginger Sauce
5. Benihana-Style Magic Mustard Sauce
6. Benihana-Style Salad Dressing
7. Bennigan-Style Onion Soup
8. Bennigan-Style Potato Soup
9. Big Boy's-Style Chicken Gravy
10. Big Boy's-Style Tomato and Spice Dressing
11. Big Bucket in the Sky Chicken
12. Chasen's-Style Carrot Souffle
13. Biscuit Mix-Style All Purpose Baking Mix
14. Black Eyed Peas-Style Baked Squash
15. Black Eyed Peas-Style Broccoli Cheese Soup
16. Boston Chicken-Style and KFC-Style Rotisserie Chicken
17. Boston Chicken-Style Baked Beans
18. Boston Chicken-Style Creamed Spinach
19. Boston Chicken-Style Dill Potato Wedges
20. McDonald's-Style Bran Muffins
21. Chasen's-Style Carrot Souffle
22. Chaya Brasserie-Style Corn Chowder
23. Chi Chi's-Style Mild Salsa
24. Cinnabon's-Style Cinnamon Rolls
25. Cinnabon's-Style Cinnamon Buns from Heaven
26. Cinnabon's-Style Cinnamon Rolls
27. Condensed Milk
28. Cracker Barrel-Style Biscuits
29. Cracker Barrel-Style Fried Apples
30. Cracker Barrel-Style Hash Brown Casserole
31. Red Lobster-Style Easy Cheesecake
32. El Torito's-Style Sopa de Tortilla
33. El Torito's-Style Southwestern Caesar Salad
34. El Torito's-Style Sweet Corn Cake
35. Entenmann's-Style Apple Crumb Cake
36. Entenmann's-Style Fat Free Chocolate Cupcakes
37. Entenmann's-Style Pound Cake
38. Famous Amos-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies
39. Gloreos
40. Good Reasons Italian Dressing Mix
41. Howard Johnsons-Style Boston Brown Bread
42. International House of Pancakes-Style Pancakes
43. Jack Daniels-Style Honey Mustard
44. Keen Tucky Coleslaw
45. KFC-Style Big Bucket in the Sky Chicken
46. Lawry's-Style Mexican Lasagna
47. Legal's-Style New England Clam Chowder
48. Long John Silver's-Style Batter Dipped Fish
49. Loudly's Seasoned Salt
50. Marie Callendar's-Style Cake Like Corn Bread

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