Duck Recipes

  1. Duck a la Clara
  2. Asian Spice Duck
  3. Asian Stir Fried Duck and Vegetables
  4. Autumn Roast Duck
  5. Baked Duck
  6. Baked Duck Bavarian
  7. Baked Orange Duck
  8. Baked Pineapple Duck
  9. Baked Sweet and sour Duck
  10. Baked Wild Duck with Sauerkraut
  11. Barbecued Duck
  12. Barbecued Duck Appetizers
  13. Basted Duck with Oyster Dressing
  14. BBQ Duck
  15. B.J. Duckwaters Seafood Gumbo
  16. Braised Breast of Duck with Peaches
  17. Braised Duck #1
  18. Braised Duck #2
  19. Braised Duck #3
  20. Braised Duck with Orange and Lime Sauce
  21. Braised Duck with Pear and Chestnuts
  22. Braised Duck with Pineapple
  23. Braised Duck with Potatoes
  24. Braised Duck with Sweet Potatoes
  25. Braised Wild Duck Breasts in a Spiced Wine Sauce
  26. Brandied Duck with Peppercorns
  27. Breaded Duckling Strips with Sauce
  28. Breast of Duck with Glazed Apples and Ginger
  29. Broiled Duck Breast
  30. Burgundy Goose with Raspberry Sauce
  31. Cajun Wild Duck
  32. Carolina Wild Duck Stew
  33. Charcoal Teal a la Orange
  34. Chile Dusted Duck with South of the Border Stuffing
  35. Chilled Duck Salad
  36. Cold Roast Duck with Fresh Pineapple
  37. Cold Roast Duck with Pineapple Sauce
  38. Czarnina Polish Duck Soup
  39. Danny Kaye's Roast Duck with Orange Sauce
  40. Dove Quail or Wood Duck
  41. Duck a la Orange
  42. Duck a Lorange
  43. Duck Breast Parmesan
  44. Duck Breast with Wild Mushrooms
  45. Duck Breasts
  46. Duck Breasts in Lingonberries and Red Wine
  47. Duck Breasts in White Wine
  48. Duck Breasts with Honey Ginger and Lavender
  49. Duck Confit
  50. Duck Creole

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