Barbecued Turkey and Vegetables

  • 1 cup Barbecue sauce
  • 1/2 cup Hot water
  • 2 lbs Turkey thighs; halved
  • 3 md Potatoes; cut in 3 pieces each
  • 6 md Carrots; in 2-inch sticks image placeholder

In medium bowl, blend barbecue sauce with water. layer turkey, potatoes and carrots in electric crockpot. Pour sauce mixture over top. Cover and cook on Low setting at least 9 hours.

Remove turke yand vegetables with slotted spoon. Place on serving platter. Serve cooking juice over turkey and vegetables.

NOTES: Who would guess that 5 ingredients could be so tasty. A good quality barbecue sauce is the secret. Cooking juices can be thickened with flour. Add small amount of hot liquid to 2-3 Tbsps flour in measuring cup. Stir and add back to crockpot, on High. Cook to thicken.

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